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The Rational View is an online periodical that applies the philosophy of Objectivism to political and cultural issues.

Objectivism is Ayn Rand's philosophy of reason. It is a cohesive, integrated, logical, consistent body of thought, a "philosophy for living on earth," as she worded it.

Objectivism starts at the beginning--with reality. It is based on the fundamental principle that reality is objective, not subjective, that the things man experiences are real, that his mind can learn about the world, can grasp what's real, only by using his reasoning mind. Thus Objectivism opposes faith, religion and every form of mysticism.

Ethically, Objectivism differs from most other philosophic systems because it holds that each individual has a moral right to exist for his or her own sake, and opposes any notion that morality consists of selfless service, whether to a neighbor down the street or to a spirit in the sky.

Politically, Objectivism upholds individual rights and capitalism. It opposes all variations of Statism, whether of the political left, e.g., Marxism, or of the political right, e.g., Fascism. Objectivism is also against any combination of government and business, such as the "mixed economy" America currently has.
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