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Individual Rights
"The proper purpose of government is to protect man's rights, which means: to protect him from physical violence." --Ayn Rand
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With dazzling clarity, remarkable precision, and amazing economy, Craig Biddle presents Ayn Rand's  ethical code in his power-packed, Loving Life: The Morality of Self-interest and the Facts that Support It.

A wonderful accomplishment.
Reason, self-interest, and capitalism...because your life depends on it.
For 134 remarkable pages, Professor von Mises examines the anti-capitalistic sentiments of the intellectuals--and exposes their misapprehensions and fallacies. He explains why capitalism - which has raised the standard of living of so many people - is hated by so many.

Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson By Gen LaGreca. On April 13th every American should raise a Champagne glass high to toast the farmer, architect, scholar, revolutionary, and American president born that spring day in 1743: Thomas Jefferson.

The "Big" We Really Need to Beware. by Wayne Dunn, published in July/August 04 issue of The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty.

Majority Rule: The Tyrants Next Door Freedom hinges on rights, not votes. Published in Capitalism Magazine.

Buddha Bad for Business Buddhist philosophy isn't explicitly anti-business - worse, it's anti-life. Published in Capitalism Magazine.

Muslim Headcutting: It says it All by Charles M. Hildreth. The ritualistic cutting of one's own head further illustrates the death-worshipping nature of America's enemies.

U.S. Mad-Cow Scare: Culinary Boogey Man or Emerging Crisis? by Charles M. Hildreth. Separating the facts from fictions.

The Folly of Protectionism: Protectionist policies lead to a lower standard of living. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Other People's Wealth Benefits all of Us  Without capital and the liberty to deploy it, none of the great industries that make life livable would exist. Published in Capitalism Magazine, Nashville Business Journal

Wes Clark's Opportunism  Published in Capitalism Mag.

Bush's Faith Immoral, but he's Better than his Christian Critics Published in Capitalism Mag.

A New Prescription for Cutting Costs. Reducing health care costs requires booting gov't completely out of the industry. Published in Capitalism Magazine, Nashville Business Journal

Making Resolutions Outlast January Tips for keeping New Year's Resolutions Published in Capitalism Magazine

It's a Wonderful Commercial Life  Virtually everything good, including our ability to care for our loved-ones, results from the freedom to commerce. Published in Capitalism Magazine and the Nashville Business Journal

Capitalism and Survival of the Weakest The "weakest" have the most to gain by living under capitalism. Published in Capitalism Magazine, version in Nashville Business Journal.

Business Improves Man's Environment Capitalists are the ones who actually create  an environment worth living in. Published in Nashville Business Journal

The Best Defense  "Homeland security" is no more the answer to Islamic terrorism than smoke alarms are to arson. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Rethinking Labor Day Published in the Murray Ledger & Times, Nashville Business Journal
En Español: Razonando sobre El Día del Trabajo Published in La Campana, El Crucero

Letter published in USA Today, Aug 8, 2003

Christianity's Contribution to Women The Southern Baptists' spat over women in the workplace is laughable. What's next-- debate over whether the earth is round?

Economics Lesson in a Kit  Socialism forces people to pay for what it causes not to work. Published in Nashville Business Journal, Capitalism Magazine. En Español: Lección de Economía en un Botiquín.

An Air(wave) of Confusion Over Censorship The First Amendment chains the government, not the individual. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Building a Free Nation that Lasts in Iraq  Fusing religion or ethnicity with the mechanisms of State leads inevitably to tyranny. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Dixie Chicks in the Frying Pan, but Free Speech Isn't  Dixie Chicks lead clucker Natalie Maines has fans wanting to kick her in the tail feathers.  Published in Capitalism Magazine

"Right"-to-Health-Care Junkies   A "right" to health care is the new opiate of the masses. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Humble Pie: A Truly Sinful Dessert   In post-Sept 11 ceremonies all across our land, the same meal was served up again and again: pride for the entree, a slice of humble pie for dessert. Published in Capitalism Magazine, Metro

Bush vs Jesus Kum-ba-ya Christians want to know how President" Jesus-is-my- favorite-philosopher" Bush can justify what they regard as his un-Christ-like, aggressive posture. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Without Selfish Individuals, Nothing America cannot remain the "sweet land of liberty" if Americans hold the "sweet community of servitude" as an ideal. Published in Capitalism Magazine, Metro

"The Economy" or Your Life? Many speak of "the economy" as if it were some mystical god we exist to serve. Published in Capitalism Magazine, Metro

A Commercialized Christmas Carol  Perhaps what anti-commercial Ebenezers need is a little chain-rattling visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past. Published in The Tennessean, Capitalism Magazine

What Would Jesus Drive? A group of eco-evangelicals are wrapped around the axle about the "sinister" SUV. Published in The Tennessean, Capitalism Magazine

Capitalism is the Best Medicine Republicans' ignorance of  capitalist principles leads them to nudge us toward socialized medicine. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Honor Veterans, Rebuff Sacrifice You like sacrifice? Imagine receiving this letter regarding a loved-one in the military:
      Dear Sir (Ma'am), I am Johnny's commanding officer and... I just want to assure you that I am encouraging him to selflessly sacrifice his life on the battlefield. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Halloween is Harmless The fake blood and plastic fangs associated with Halloween are less gruesome than ceremonies and paraphernalia related to Church services. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Are we a Nation of Keatings or Roarks? In the spirit of The Fountainhead's Peter Keating, our politicians are more concerned with other nations' opinions than with doing what's right.

Capitalist Principles Would Cure Education Woes
They moan about the public schools, but never challenge their premise that schools have to be public.

Tennessee School Trashing Education   Shall we call it "Dumpster-ed"? "Progressive" educators at a Tennessee high school construct "team-building" exercises involving taping kids to dumpsters.

"The 'Taming' of the Shrewd" or "Does Capitalism need Civilizing?" A philosophical answer to the assertion that capitalism benefits from a dose of socialism.

America: Under Rights or "under God"? Either you can have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness or you can have God & religion. But you can't have both. Published in Capitalism Magazine

Israel or the Palestinians? Making the moral Choice President Bush should be praising Israel for crushing Palestinian terrorists, not asking Israel to stop. Published in Capitalism Magazine,

Faith's war against Worldliness
Spanish version: Guerra de la Fé contra lo Mundano

Defending the rights of John Q - Dr. John Q If individuals are to be free, health care can't be. Published in Murray Ledger & Times

Dogs, gods and philosophers: A close encounter with a modern "intellectual."

Preventing a Phase II Fizzle: Salvaging the War on Terror  Advising and training various tinhorn nations' militaries is insufficient. America must  completely unleash its own military--against Iran and Iraq.

Greenbacks won't reform Red China
Businessmen who trade with China aren't being selfish--they're being self-destructive.

Heads--Statism, Tails--Statism  A columnist's political "conversion" and the underlying reasons why both liberals and conservatives advance the state at the expense of man's rights.

Potter's morals vs. Bible's magic If it's magic Christians worry about their children being exposed to, then it's the Bible, not Rowling's fiction, they should beware.

Honor Veterans by not sacrificing. It is a matter of self-interest, not self-sacrifice, to win the war we now wage. And what better way to honor
our veterans.

Bayer's headache is ours too In the name of the "public good," governments are usurping Bayer's patent for its anti-anthrax drug, Cipro.

On Microsoft and Integration No break up, but the government may not allow Microsoft to add certain features to its new software package. Do we want politicians deciding how software is designed?

Reason: Man's only Counterfeit-Detector
Since he's capable of mental error, can man dare  to trust his own mental judgment? Absolutely.

Advertising is Good Medicine Corporations have a right to increase their profits by advertising the drugs they create--which happens also to help the consumer.

Environmentalism vs. Creativity  If the planet did in fact need saving, the task would require more capitalists, not ecologists.

An Open Letter to Businesspeople Instead of being chastised for profit-seeking, businesspeople should be praised for it.