Editorial Guidelines
for Article Submissions

TRV cannot pay for your articles. However, being advocates of profit, if having your writing showcased in TRV is profit enough for you, then submissions are welcome under the following guidelines:

1. Content: TRV will publish only Objectivist-oriented articles and material. (However, letters-to-the-editor of all natures are welcome.)

2. Copyright: Author will retain copyright to the article.

3. Types of submissions: Guest editorials, book and movie reviews, essays and articles (300-2500 words in length) that would be of interest to a general audience.

4. How to submit your work: Send it in the body of an email. Also give your name and a brief personal description, e.g., what you do.

5. The process: You will be informed of your piece's status within a few days. 

6. Send submissions or questions to rationalview@aol.com
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