To the editor:

Freedom is protected by restrictions on governmental powers, which are precisely spelled out in our Constitution, and it is threatened according to how much power the government usurps beyond those restrictions. America is in "a war for freedom," and that should emphasize the importance of the constitution (at least for anyone who still understands and respects it).

Domestically, President Bush has been consistently undermining the "war for freedom" against the barbarian terrorists, his budget proposal being the latest example.

Bush has proposed the biggest federal budget ever - over $2 trillion. It means deficit spending in funding "the war for freedom," not from eliminating any of the numerous unconstitutional agencies, or pork and waste. That all remains in the budget.

Where is opposition from those Republicans who claim to be strict constitutionalists? Does it really cost over $2 trillion for the federal government to execute its powers as defined in the constitution? Of course not. It costs that much to execute the countless powers usurped by career politicians and bureaucrats.


If conservatives think a trillion-dollar government is "smaller," they differ only in degree, not in principle, from state-worshipping liberals. So the next time Bush says the counterterrorist war is a "war for freedom," remember that he is supporting the government's swarms of tax collectors, regulators, bureaucrats, commissars, and their enforcement agencies with over two trillion dollars for their domestic war against freedom.

Militarily, we will win the war for freedom. Domestically, we may lose it.


Thomas Stelene

Bartonsville, PA