Published 9/17/02 in The Tennessean

To the editor:

To Islamic fundamentalists, for a "materialistic," godless nation such as America to attain such preeminence is a slap in the face of their non-material, mystical belief-system

You see, Allah promises to reward the righteous and punish the wicked. America's success, therefore, is a mystery to Islamic extremists. For after centuries of doing God's alleged bidding¾ of untold millions praying 5 times daily, heads down and bottoms skyward (an appropriate position for humility)¾ Islamic nations rank among the most squalid and depressed in the world.

This comes as a great shock to fanatical Muslims. They can't quite figure out why humility doesn't generate anything to be proud of, why being anti-material doesn't produce material abundance, why being otherworldly doesn't better their place in this world, why faith doesn't create reasonable conditions, why self-sacrifice produces sacrifice of selves.

In short, Muslim extremists are confounded by this mysterious, almost conspiratorial connection between cause and effect. 

Wayne Dunn

Nashville, TN