Letter Published in USA Today, August 8, 2003 under the heading: Companies that Fly High Earn More:

"Corporate governance" watchdog Charles Elson asserts that CEOs with perks such as private jets "lose their humility and ability to be self-critical" (Pricey perk lets executives fly high, Cover Story, August 5).

A company whose CEO is so mentally fragile that using a private jet impedes his ability to self-evaluate has a heck of a lot more to worry about than nonsensical objections to perks.

And since when should humility be a desirable trait for capitalists? Money-making--what business is and should be about-- implies and requires pride, not humility.

Corporations seeking humble CEOs should hire people like Elson. Ideas like his would transform proud companies into humble ones quicker than you can say "Karl Marx."

Wayne Dunn



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