[March 27, 2004]

Muslim Headcutting: It Says it All

By Charles M. Hildreth

We are not fundamentally fighting against terrorists. What we right-thinking freedom-loving individuals are fighting is death-worship.

America was the first nation ever to be founded on the concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Americans do not admire death or destruction. We do not condone tyrannical rule. We wish our lives to center not around self-immolation, but happiness and success-- happiness and success here on Earth, not in the "next life". Precisely the reason America is the most prosperous nation in the world is this pro-life ideology (please do not compare that with the context-dropping term used by those who oppose abortion rights).

All religious ideas, to varying degrees, worship death. They all condemn life on Earth as "materialistic," and promise paradise in the next. As a result, they all glorify some degree of self-immolation. For example, Christian martyrs and canonized saints attempted to subsist on dirt and tainted water and other such rubbish, while using rocks for pillows. Devout sects of Christian monks would regularly whip themselves until they bled profusely. Buddhists (the real ones, not the "designer" Buddhists of today) ignore their physical needs, in an attempt to "transcend", by wearing primitive robes, fasting incessantly, and often going long periods without speaking or moving, willing their bodies into atrophy. I ask you, has science proven nothing?

Well, here's a new one to me: Headcutting. Arabs ritualize not only the cutting of their own heads, but those of their CHILDREN! They do this on "Ashoura Day," which marks the Shiite Muslim's commemoration of the 7th century killing of their most revered Saint Imam Hussein. Al Hussein was a grandson of Islam's prophet Mohammed and is a symbol of martyrdom for Shiites. See the following pictures...


I thought this was merely some kind of face painting for symbolism when I first saw the images. No, sadly, it's the real deal. And this demonstration of self-immolating irrationality serves to further illustrate why we should mercilessly demolish ANY Arab nation supporting terrorism. It drives home the point that we are fighting a death worshipping mentality. Such people do not merely wish for their own deaths, but for the deaths of all. Their idea of justice is not of this world. In their eyes, justice for them (as righteous believers) means death and the afterlife; but that death must come from Allah, so they must suffer on Earth until that time, cutting their heads, and the like, all the while. Justice for others (the infidels) would consist of destruction (the sooner the better) at the hands of righteous, holy crusaders for vengeful Allah, and eternal torture in hell.

There is no negotiating with such people. There is no hope for peace with or amongst such people. There is no way to bring justice to such people, aside from swift, and un-apologetically destructive, retaliation and preemptive action.

Islam and its followers are the pinnacle of irrationality on earth today. The time is long past to occupy such nations as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine. We need to offer an ultimatum to these offending nations: surrender of all harbored terrorists and the dismantling of their illegitimate governments, or face nuclear destruction.

The pestilence walking the Earth is not America; it is the Muslims' hate-mongering vision of global jihad against all those who live by ethics diametric to the anti-mind, anti-life mentality of the Islamic fundamentalists.

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