Unmuzzle Our Dogs of War

By Wayne Dunn

We make our troops step gingerly

around the "holy" sites

of that "peaceful" faith of Islam,

whose apostles picked this fight.


Their religion's brought them nothing

but poverty and pain,

and a stinking life in a stinking land

in Allah's stinking name.


They gnash their yellowed teeth

and butcher, kill and maim.

They yell "God is Great!" and decapitate

And knock marvels down with planes.


We unleashed the dogs of war,

but kept their muzzles tight.

It's time we took those muzzles off

so our dogs of war can bite.


They say they want to sacrifice.

They say they want Jihad.

It's time we granted them their wish

and sent them to their god.


So bomb them on their "holy" days.

Bomb them every night.

Bomb every mosque in terror lands,

Bomb "holy" Mecca twice.


As they pray and jabber fervently,

heads low and bottoms high -

As those fools pray five times a day,

five times let our missiles fly.


Send gunships in to light 'em up

at every call to prayer

What better time to strike our foes

than when their butts are in the air?


And give Arafat a worm's eye view

Of a rumbling Israeli tank

While Al-Jazeera broadcasts live

And we tell Israel "Thanks!"


And what of so-called "innocents,"

those sheep in Muslim lands?

The despots that they tolerate,

the blood is on THEIR hands.


So bomb them all through Ramadan

Flatten all their shrines

Let the "Arab Street" meet full defeat

At the hands of men with minds.


© COPYRIGHT 2004 by Wayne Dunn