Letters to the editor:

Cause & Effect Lost on Muslim Extremists
- Wayne Dunn
9/17/02, The Tennessean

Bush's big-government budget undermines freedom
- Thomas Stelene
2/12/02, The Pocono Record

Pragmatic politicians emboldened terrorists
- Thomas Stelene
11/13/01, The Pocono Record

Muslims setting themselves up for the fall
- Wayne Dunn
10/28/01, The Daily News Journal

Bearing the Burden of bin Laden's Blood
- Matthew Ballin
9/25/01, The New Hampshire

Religious fervor driving force of terrorists
- Wayne Dunn
10/11/01, The Daily News Journal

U.S. shouldn't enlist Iran's assistance
- Wayne Dunn
9/27/01, The Tennessean
Fighting the intellectual battle
on the homefront.

As the U.S. and its allies respond to the terrorist thugs' "mindless force" with "mind plus force," to borrow from Ayn Rand, we must not neglect the philosophical battle being waged on the homefront. America-hating lefties are taking to the streets in protest while America-loving conservatives are flocking to the churches in prayer.

When the greatest nation in the world needs an intellectual defense, about all that its alleged defenders do is cross themselves and kneel.

Frustrating? You bet. Hopeless? No way.

The written word is one of the most potent weapons in a rational man's intellectual arsenal. And if ever there were a time to unholster that weapon, take aim and fire off a letter-to-the-editor, this is it.

One should never underestimate the potential far-reaching and long-term impact of the right words on the right person at the right time.

That's why letter-writing is so important.

A well-reasoned, concise, articulate letter can shake a philosophic opponent's confidence, perhaps causing him to be at least a bit more reticent about spouting bad ideas. And, conversely, it can arm and embolden a philosophic ally, or potential ally, letting him know he's not alone in the world.

There are scores of newspapers and magazines out there--from the Tiny-Town Tribune to the New York Times--just waiting to have space filled with letters from Objectivists.

So let's get to it.

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